Thursday, 12 December 2013

Woodland Wonder

Everyone loves this picture!  It simply expresses a feeling of freedom and spontaneity without artifice or design, something we all seek. 
The outdoor setting, the twinkling fairy lights, the casual table arrangement all speak of a happy event and a pressure free celebration.  This setting works so well because natural elements have been respected yet enhanced with more luxe elements – it wouldn’t be so chic if the plates were paper and the table cloth plastic.
To recreate this charming look try a clean, crisp white sheet for a table cloth, or select from our Crellini linens.  We have Lumberjack stump stools and tables which look fabulous for casual dining. The Cape Cod dining chair is wonderful in wicker.  Our Spice Trail throws and cushions will add a dash of colour. And as an alternative to fairly lights you could try a chandelier featuring battery operated real wax Flameless candles which will add magical illumination without blowing out at the slightest breath of wind.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shelf Life

There's little in the world of storage that is as useful as shelving.  Perfect for books, ornaments, filing, music, nik naks, the addition of a few baskets or boxes practically turns shelves into cupboards.  Shelves are not too easy to put up though, even for seasoned handy men, what with getting angles and alignments straight etc., so we liked these ideas from for making the most of shelving that comes in the form of book cases or shelf units. 
Place three open shelf units flush to the wall to create the look of built-in storage that doesn't dominate the room - and requires no DIY.
How to choose the right unit
* Allow 3cm to 5cm space above books so you can easily pull them out.
* For accessibility, go for units no higher than 21cm, with the top shelf at 180cm.
* Shelves should be 30cm wide to fit larger books and 20cm for paperbacks, CDs and DVDs. Leave 25cm to 30cm between each shelf.
* Hardback books are heavy, so need sturdy shelves. Slim shelves are only suitable for lighter paperbacks and ornaments.

Stylist's tip
Keep the wall colour light to contrast with dark shelving and provide a backdrop for ornaments.
Eco Chic's shelving is intended to be used as feature shelving, thus not ideal for this kind of treatment.  We do, however, have some lovely baskets and boxes that can add storage and individuality to any shelf or unit. 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Manly Swagger

What a great room!  A big show off of a room, but nonetheless a very successful boast.  It is instant Hollywood courtesy of Mr. Redford of course, but the other elements in the setting are equally as 'A' list.
We love the combination of tan leather with indigo blue and polished nickel - if the sofa had been black leather the overall look would have been quite different, sombre, downbeat almost. 
There's just enough symmetry in the room to create a pleasing effect but not so much as would make it rigid. 
And the carefully wrought balances are offset by irregularities such as accent chairs upholstered in denim; the shiny surfaces are juxtaposed with rustic textures like the driftwood item on the coffee table.
You can't go wrong with a dark wall coupled with a pale floor - and here the use of an enormous, pale area rug adds extra luxury.
Our Broadway sofa can be made in any leather, including tan.  Try the Manhattan coffee and side tables for a shiny statement pieces.  Two Istanbul table lamps would pack a punch in this room.  And you can always buy a pair of Aviator sunglasses and talk your favourite human into posing for the camera.....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Natural Zing

Take a look at this room, then cover up the yellow chairs. Quite different without them, isn’t it? The inspired addition of two snappy yellow armchairs takes this not so remarkable lounging area from naturally neutral to eye catching and individual. 
A clever design trick and one which doesn’t require too much commitment – after all, if you get tired of the yellow chairs, simply change them for another pair altogether and the room takes on a new look!
Effortlessly, this room allows us the impression it belongs to a well read, well travelled, eclectic collector with an artistic eye.

We love the case of coral, the bookshelves, the mounted display, the oriental references mixed with nautical and rustic and the lived in feel. Easy to imagine flopping into the sofa and flicking through a magazine.

We have some suggestions to help you recreate this room. Our
Artique chairs come in vibrant yellow, the Voyager coffee table is classic trunk style, the Nest rug a sturdy all rounder, the Penthouse sofa is extra comfy and the Manor pendant light is like this one.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ralph Lauren's Dining Room

An eye catching area to be sure, Ralph's dining room (as seen in Elle Decor) has plenty of space and style to recommend it and a good measure of manly swagger too boot.
We love the pendant light fixtures which look like they are on loan from the Fox Studios lot and are very unusual, but can't help wondering just how much light they would throw on an intimate dinner!?  Meals by searchlight wouldn't be too comfortable - bring on the candles!
The dining chairs look roomy and comfortable and it is interesting to see they match the dining table - we rarely like a matched set but here it does look entirely appropriate.
The zebra edging to the mirror echoes the leather of the seats giving a slightly safari edge to matters, intentional surely!  We like the artwork propped up against the mirror, too, as it gives a casual touch to the arrangement.
Without the bowls of flowers on the table the  style factor in the room would plunge - they are very important here to soften the setting and invite us in as well as breaking up the linearity with their organic shape and contrast colour.
Do you like this room? Whilst we would love to dine at Ralph's, there is something a little formal and cold about this room which doesn't suggest to us relaxed and convivial meal times.  The symmetry is rather too rigorous and there is a lack of warmth - an area rug would work wonders here as well as the aforementioned candles.
For dining inspiration, check out our dining tables and chairs; we have some wonderful pendant lights to offer; there are exotic framed mirrors to select from and unusual vases and bowls just waiting for your floral finishes.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Style in Spades!

New York designer Kate Spade's guest bathroom is a pleasure to behold and would certainly set us off on the right foot first thing in the morning.  The fresh feel and unusual combinations work together to make a relatively small space big on impact.

  • You can't go wrong with classic white tiles in brick formation - timeless, practical and light enhancing.  Notice how the floors and wall are continuous.
  • Crisp black and white – the perenial combination is simply marvellous here in the shower curtains - we love the tiered effect and are frantically looking for the same ourselves!  Who knows, maybe we will introduce these to Eco Chic soon....
  • Playful elements mixed with period pieces - the fun wallpaper is kept from overbalancing into cute by the solid elegance of the claw foot bath and pedestal sink. 
Like the look?  Whilst Eco Chic can't help you with your bathroom hadrware, we do have mirrors, accessories and towels to personalise your home spa space.  And we'll keep looking for those must-have shower curtains....

Monday, 26 August 2013

The White Stuff

With all the saturated colour around it's nice to get back to basics and embrace white, the timeless design classic.

Here's a simple room, understated yet sophisticated with lots of style to steal.

A good mix of modern and traditional furnishings, note how each contemporary piece is matched with an ornate period one - stark bed / carved mirror; elaborate consoles / utility lamps; Bertoia side chair / floral cushion - this is an elegant way to blend disparate items, prevent designer pieces from looking too serious and vintage items from looking too shabby.

Individually, the accessories in the room are quite fussy so it is entirely right that the backdrop is plain white, including the floor, and the window treatment is a spare roller blind - heavy swags would head the look towards mixed up rather than mixed and matched.

It's easy enough to paint your floors and walls white, and Eco Chic make it easy for you to mix your references - try the Horatio lamp for utilty chic, the Jali mirror for elaborate elegance, the La Palma or the Geo Vito console for an eye catching statement piece and the Kew Gardens chair for the wire finish.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Too Cool For School

We don’t even need to know the people who live here, it is clear they are effortlessly cool… and we are resigned to looking on in admiration.  Cool furniture, cool art, cool dog.  This place rocks and we we should talk about just what makes it do so.
The first striking thing is the super tight colour palette…white, gold and black plus the odd touch of fuchsia.  Instead of feeling contrived it just fees intense - and that is good.
Secondly, the art is rad… it’s edgy and fun, no abstract decorator banalities in sight.  This art is meaningful and lends gravitas to the space.
Guitars…say no more.  If you play one,  put it out in display and your hip factor will double (this rule does not apply if there is no one in the household who can strum out a tune).
Eclecticism…this place nails it - antique chair with transparent glass desk, herringbone floor plus mid century modern iconic dining table.
How to get the look?  Start with a posh, expensive penthouse apartment with good detailing;  shop at a sleek antique store for required modern and turn of the century icons; pop in to your local must see art opening and leave with a few collectables and finally, if you have any energy left,  Eco Chic can probably help with the lighting and accessories J

Monday, 10 June 2013

Throwing Warmth Around

Good things about winter include log fires and snuggling up in cosy throws - here are some of our favourites:

1. Spice Trail Throw from
2. Mexicali Aqua Throw
3. Aqua Rali Blanket from
4. Sunset Tropicana Throw from
5. Palermo Cashllama Throw from
6. Knitted Patchwork Blanket  from Minuko on
7. Mohair Throw from
8. Andy Throw from


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Perfectly Pale in Paris

This boudoir scene graced the cover of Vogue Living recently, and having just returned from a visit to Paris, it struck a chord.
There's no doubting the beauty of the parquet floor and the lofty windows to the balcony but is the rest of the room super chic or sickly sweet?  All the individual elements are pleasing, they have been delightfully assembled by interior designer Marianne Tiegen and we love the mix of classic (chair) with contemporary (dressing table), the free standing wardrobe, the abundant curtains and the slight nod at kitsch in the giant Tulip lamp and the movie star mirror.
Yet there's something about the room that makes us not want to linger.  Is it too feminine? Too pretty? Too pink?  Or perhaps it's just that this is surely a room to indulge in a leisurely primp and preen and we'd feel too guilty?!
Maybe we just need to get in touch with our inner Marie Antoinette and learn to pamper.  Maybe we can't do that much pastel but would love the room in tones of grey, blue or red?  Whatever, it's clearly got what it takes as it's a cover girl room and got us talking!
Fancy a look like this?  Eco Chic can actually help!  Our Pinto ottoman is round and would look divine in white or grey cowhide; the Fiona free standing storage cupboard is very pretty and practical too, try our St Tropez chandelier for tradition with a twist and the Manhattan trestle table with a white Luanne chair would make a perfect pair. 


Thursday, 16 May 2013

5 Interior Design Myths We Think Need Busting!

Myth 1: Clutter is bad.
Truth: Artfully organised clutter is very cool.
Myth 2: Indoor plants are old fashioned and naff!
Truth: They have always been, and always will be, great when well tended and over scaled.

Myth 3: Don’t put too many things in small spaces.
Truth:  Small spaces with nothing much in them are depressing; make them cosy nooks with lots of intimate, inviting furnishings!
Myth 4: Dark walls will make a room feel dark and dreary.
Truth: They can actually maximise the feeling of light and highlight the furnishings in contrast.
Myth 5:  Bathrooms look best with big white tiles and caeserstone.
Truth: Australian bathrooms are SO boring. Let’s get funky and make them a destination! Does anyone agree, or are we being typically impractical designers?
What myths would you like to see busted?
(all photos from the wonderful

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Eclectic Essence

Do you have a range of different items and styles but don’t know how to piece them together? Colour people, colour!
·         Take a look at all the blue you can see. There is such a variety of tone used throughout the room that ties it all in beautifully together – even using blue and green in the same picture allows for an introduction of green elsewhere.
·         A white backdrop is just perfect to allow the harmonious flow of colour. You can swap and change accessories often and whenever you like, thus creating a whole new vibe to the room. Pink, anyone?
·         The white headboard is still a statement piece without taking over; adding studs generates interest to the eye yet still allows for beautiful patterned bed linen.
Want the look with Eco Chic? Why not try our gorgeous Matilda Headboard and combine it with a funky side table like the Ironside. Add a splash of colour with some Buttercup Art or a Bamileke headdress.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Peaceful Palette Pretzels!

Simply Restful
A very pleasant room, nothing overly remarkable but still an effortless pulling together of elements which taken separately would not immediately appear to work together. Look how nautical, ornithological, botanical and jungle references are thrown together with an oriental influenced lamp and deco style Pretzel chairs, yet the whole comes out as an ode to elegance! 
Why?  Well, it's down to the Timeless Trinity - colour, scale and texture. 
A subdued palette draws the disparate parts together and quietly unites them, then is given life with colourful shots of orange. 
The animal print on the ottoman and the bird print on the chairs are in small doses - an entire sofa in either of these would dominate the room and cause imbalance. 
Natural rattan on the chairs and tray, fresh flowers in the fireplace, linen on the lampshade and a coral decorator piece add visual interest, bring the outdoors in and remind us of the best decorator of them all - mother nature - she never gets it wrong!
We'd love to help you recreate this room.  Our Pretzel Armchairs can be upholstered in any fabric you like, as can our Lewis Ottoman.  We have Rattan Trays just like this one.  Try our Lexicon Art range for a similar wall display.  The Lisbon table lamp has a textural aqua base and hessian shade perfect for this kind of look. 


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kitchen Dining Combo

This space is a very interesting combination of minimalist modern, eclectic bohemian and colourful monotone!  A seemingly disparate selection is made to work quite effortlessly – but how?

·         Colour – the cabinets and floor are a very neutral tone which allows the colours in the room prominence.  Whilst striking, the colours are not strident and all share the same soft palette.  Finally, each block of colour in the room is echoed in the patterned floral of the sofa upholstery which brings the separate elements together.

·          Levels – there are four distinct levels visible in this room (benchtop, table, seating, sofa) which could look either clinical or messy, but here the addition of large, curved pendant lights, dining benches with coloured seat cushions and the very unusual couch arrangement makes for a cohesive whole which invites us in.

·         Texture – we have timber laminate, leather, 2-pac, corduroy, flowers, fruit and floral upholstery all of which add interest and contrast.  Imagine how dull this space would be if everything was in shades of brown and the sofa matched the bench cushions which matched the pendants?!  Boring... 

Texture, colour and variety bring warmth and interest to a space and make a home.  Eco Chic has some suggestions to get you started... Try our Atelier Bench or Loft Dining Bench for alternative kitchen / dining seating and we can make custom cushions for you.  Check out our Custom Pendants for a truly personal lighting interpretation.  If you’d like a very eclectic, personal sofa, we can upholster any of our sofas in your selection, just check out Custom Upholstery section.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue! 
It’s is always hard to create  space that will look good for years to do you avoid trendiness without ending up with a room that looks boring and old fashioned?  We think Serena and Lily nailed it.  Let’s break down the elements of design.
·         Classic colour - There are not many colours that never really go out of style, but blue is one of them.  The mixture of navy with royal keeps it from feeling too matchy-matchy
·         Classic shapes - This style of sofa with the rolled arms and a button ottoman are fantastic pieces... good to look at and comfy too.  A light coloured linen on the sofa is ALWAYS a winner.
·         Modern touches – The carpet could be from 1985, but it works, and the mod sculptural side table keep this space very eclectic and now. 
·         Contrast – Don't be tempted by beige...Contrast is the key to keeping it sharp and hip.  Look at that dark charcoal wall with the white curtains...will never date.
·         Great Art – Cannot emphasize enough how some well selected pieces can lift a whole room and say “I'm sophisticated”.  Go for original art if possible. 
To get the look with Eco Chic, check out our Lewis Ottoman available in any fabric.  We also have a great art section with originals and prints to add a splash of colour and sophistication.  Our Lily sofa is almost a perfect match to this one...try it in Linen Pebble.  We have also just added a fantastic collection of new chandeliers!
(photo by Serena and Lily)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Breakfast Club

Sometimes it's nice just to look at a space that makes us feel happy. There's nothing overly designer about this luminous dining space, and the components are certainly not high end, but the whole just invites us to pull up a stool, put on the kettle (or get out the corkscrew!) and linger for a while. A clever achievement in what is actually quite a small space.
  • The mismatched and haphazard seating enhances the informal tone and certainly adds charm and colour.
  • White walls and floors - give it a go! It's not as scary as it sounds and white floors dramatically increase light in a room space. Make sure to anchor the overall whiteness with naturals and colour splashes otherwise it can all get a little 'hospital corners'.
  • Pendant lights over a dining table helps define a space, add workspace and meal time lighting of course but also direct our gaze upwards increasing the sense of loftiness in a room.
  • Don't be afraid to re-purpose and re-home. Try using garden chairs inside, a log basket for storage, a garden pot for utensils, potting trays for shelving and why not look out for some vintage crochet blankets or tea towels to make dining seat cushions.
  • Add the unexpected and give your space the edge. Here, a wall mounted deer head makes a talking point and adds an extra dimension.

Want to recreate? Eco Chic has some suggestions: check out our Hobart and Industrial Cage pendants for dining style; our Lightwood dining table would look fab in such a space; try the Roadie storage unit has this lived-in look; El Toro rattan bull's head is the eco way to add edge to your living quarters; we have some great Baskets to chose from; our vintage Mason Jars are the perfect accessory for this style of decorating and our Betty dining chairs will add a splash of red to your room.